By the time spring rolls around each year, we are more than ready to trade in our winter layers for lightweight, colorful spring style. That’s why we’re rounding up all of the spring trends we can’t wait to try out. This year’s trends are both quirky and chic, with the must-have doses of color that […]

Do you get a real tree or do you go for an artificial one? If you answered “real,” you are in the minority this year! Only 26% of moms are opting for that real Christmas tree smell this year. Perhaps the appeal of less mess (good-bye sappy needles) and much nicer fakes is too good […]

Christmas is yet another holiday that has us talking about food — though this time we’re not talking about what you’re serving for dinner. Instead, we’re talking about all of the mouthwatering foods you can give as gifts for the holiday. You can give a box of French almond macaroons (Gourmet Food Store, $18.25) to […]

Get personal with your gift giving this Christmas and shop for monogrammed gifts. Whether you give a belt buckle (C.Wonder, $24) adorned with a single initial or a beauty box (PB Teen, $175) marked with an entire name, monogrammed gifts show that you put extra effort into making a gift special. On the other hand, […]

We’re counting down the days to Christmas, and soon enough, we’ll be ringing in the new year with a brand new 2014 calendar. Can you even believe it? Looks like we all have some serious calendar shopping to do! Over at The Prowl, we rounded up festive Advent calendars to gear up the family for Christmas! There are so many […]

Now you can create Wish Lists full of gift ideas for yourself, your kids, your partner, or whomever else you’re collecting gift ideas for on The Prowl. You can then share your Wish Lists with friends and family when they ask for gift ideas, ensuring everyone ends up with super cool loot that they actually […]

At The Prowl, we pretty much have shopping on the brain 24×7. With the holiday shopping season starting to kick into high gear, you can just imagine how our brains are working overtime! The site is already brimming with lustworthy holiday gifts and decorations . Last week we took a break from drooling over this mixer (what a […]

To say that we love owl items over at The Prowl would be an understatement. The community has a knack for finding the most adorable owl home decor, fashion, and accessories, and we’re not shy about spreading the owl love. Something about the big-eyed birds captures our hearts every time we see an owl printed […]

If you love all things classic, you should consider throwing vintage finds into your kitchen decor mix. A retro teapot or sugar canister can add character to your kitchen in the most contemporary way, by mixing the old with the new. No matter which decade you pull your decor inspiration from, your kitchen will have […]

Wearing flirty lingerie to bed or under our favorite outfit has a way of making us simply feel awesome. Even though others can’t see your pushup that’s covered in chic embroidery, you feel fab and that’s all that matters. Your lingerie can be tailored to the season through colorful fabrics and eye-catching embellishments. Pair sexy […]