July 15, 2013

Introducing The Prowl!


Some things just aren’t meant to be done alone… Eating a banana split. Riding a bicycle built for two. Watching The Bachelor. And, we’d add to the list: shopping.

If we think back to what shopping was like before we had kids or even further back to before we had the internet (gasp!), it wasn’t something often done alone. As teens, we’d page through magazines, dog-earing clothes or shoes or make-up we liked and then we’d head out to the mall as a group and spend the day trying things on, comparing notes, and getting opinions. Remember planning your wedding? Hours and hours spent poring over magazines and then trying on dresses for friends and family. As newlywed new homeowners, we’d spend hours online looking for design inspiration before heading to the store with our husband or friends to get their thoughts before buying. As first-time expectant moms, we walked the aisles of the baby store and got invaluable advice on which stroller to buy from our friends who already had kids.

But today we find ourselves much too often in the position of online shopping, alone, from the comfortable solitude of our couch while the kids are sleeping. Don’t get us wrong – online shopping is a wonderful thing. It’s easy, it’s vast, but it’s also, well, a little bit lonely. There’s nobody to get opinions from about what to buy. Nobody to turn to when those 3 stores we have bookmarked don’t have what we’re looking for. And shopping has lost some of its joy. Joyless shopping? That’s just not right.

Our goal with The Prowl is to make shopping fun and social again. You can browse through items on the site and find style inspiration. Save products you love, or would love to own, to boards for future purchase. Someone else may see what you’ve added, fall in love, and you’ve just made their day. We can all use some good karma – right? When you’re ready to buy something (whoo hoo!), we provide you the link to purchase it from the seller’s site. Couldn’t be easier.

But what we’re most excited about is the community aspect of The Prowl. While there are other sites out there that call themselves “social shopping” sites, we haven’t found them to be particularly social. We’ve created a section of the site where you can ask shopping-related questions and others can answer by suggesting products to you. For example, during our beta, Tracy asked for help finding a dress to wear to a wedding. Then a week later she asked for help accessorizing the dress she bought based on the suggestions other members had added to her board. Her whole outfit head to toe was shopped for with the help of our beta testers! She was happy to have opinions from other people and they were all happy to have helped out another shopper. It was a magical thing.

We hope you’ll enjoy The Prowl and that we can inspire you and help you with your shopping. We welcome your feedback any time – just use the Contact Us page to send us your thoughts. And check back here at the blog for tips, product updates, and to see some of our picks for the coolest boards we find. We’re excited to have you here – let’s get shopping!

–  Tracy & Kate

Co-founders of The Prowl


PS – It’s almost 100 degrees and downright tropical in NYC today. What’s on our minds? Finding hair products to help fight humidity! Help!

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