July 25, 2013

Prowl From Anywhere

If you heard wild whooping across the internet yesterday, it’s because we were SO darn excited about the launch of the “Prowl It” button. Whoop whoop! (Somebody stop us!)

Prowl It Instructions

We highly recommend you give the “Prowl It” button a try. You just drag the button into the toolbar of your browser to install it. Then from any site on the internet, prowling is a total breeze. You just click the button in your toolbar, fill in a few details and (POOF!) like magic the prowled item will show up on your board. The “Prowl It” button has other magical properties, too – it fixes most of the pesky image errors you might see when you are prowling by copying and pasting urls. It’s WAY easier to add the price – no more back and forth between browser tabs. It doesn’t quite yet have the ability to detect legos before you step on them, but our engineers are working on that, too.

–         Tracy & Kate

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