Launch day is a funny thing when you’ve been working on a site for months. It’s nerve- wracking first and foremost. A bunch of thoughts circle around your head on repeat like:

“Oh crap. I hope they like it.”

“Please dear God, I hope they like it.”

“Can I get some sleep now? Like right now – here on my desk?”

But, at the same time, it’s just another day because you’ve been living and breathing this site for months. You know every nook and cranny of it and could navigate it in your sleep. And you know every amazing, awesome thing that’s been posted to the site and have a list of about, oh, 10 zillion things you want to buy RIGHT NOW. Today we thought we’d share some of the most coveted items from members of the team behind The Prowl.


Mike Stermer who’s responsible for the lovely design of The Prowl has his eye on these bookends. He’s “seriously been debating if I need them.” Trust us, you don’t want to see Mike seriously debate anything – I bet he’ll buy these by week’s end.





iphoneThose bookends Mike likes were originally prowled by Sonja Leix, our mobile product director. Sonja is really wanting this “this amazing cord-less wood iPhone speaker” that she found while searching for answers to a question I posted looking for non-techy looking speakers. Sonja proved herself an excellent personal shopper because I do really like these speakers — so much so that I already own them!

zeldaI bet you’ll never guess what role Brandon More plays on our team by his pick. Hmmm… a Legends of Zelda doormat (that he coincidentally also reprowled from Sonja) . Could he possibly be… a developer? Yes! Brandon is responsible for all the front end coding magic that happens on the site including the super fantastic Prowl It button which you really should be using if you’re not already.

dressktAnd finally, Kristina Tipton who heads up marketing for CafeMom and is helping us get the word out about The Prowl shares this highly covet-able mixed print dress that she also reprowled from “you know who”. Kristina expressed a fear that all of us working on The Prowl have – that she’ll show up at work and find five others wearing the same dress because we all prowled it. A new (and welcome) work hazard!

Today’s just the start – we hope you’ll share The Prowl with your friends and family. And we can’t wait to hear what things YOU fall in love with on The Prowl.

– Tracy

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