We are crazy excited to introduce a truly fantastic improvement to our Prowl It bookmarklet. While it was great that you could prowl items from anywhere on the web directly onto your boards, answering other users’ questions wasn’t quite as easy. Well, guess what? Now it is! The Prowl It bookmarklet will now let you answer a question directly from whatever shopping site you’re on by letting you choose to suggest an item directly to one of the last 5 questions that you viewed on The Prowl. What?! Yes!

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say I was recently looking at a question from another user on The Prowl who was looking for stylish yet comfortable heels. A few hours later, I happened to be on Anthropologie and saw a pair of shoes that I thought would be great for her. Now I can just click on the “Prowl It!” button in my browser, choose the “recently viewed question” option under “Prowl An Item To” and I’ll see her stylish heels question show up in the question pulldown. I can just fill out the info, press the “Prowl It!” button and voila! My suggestion will automatically show up on her question at TheProwl.com without me ever even going there. Amazing right?


One quick thing to note: The Prowl It bookmarket works directly off of your browser which means that if you viewed some questions in Firefox and were in Chrome later on doing some shopping, Chrome wouldn’t know which questions you were looking at earlier in Firefox.

So, try it out and let us know what you think! If you don’t already have the Prowl It button, you can grab it here: Prowl It Button.

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