Even the most modern brides often want to sprinkle some traditional elements into their weddings. Take a quick look at any wedding website and you’ll see tons of brides trying to find the perfect way to incorporate that “Something Blue”. But, who says you can’t take an old tradition and turn it into something unique, unexpected, and totally “you”? We asked users at The Prowl for some fresh ways to include “something blue” in a wedding and here’s a few of the ideas they came up with.

1. Tattly Designy Temporary Tattoos — Okay Let’s Do This

progressive onion chopper

Kate says: “For the more cheeky bride – a temporary blue tattoo.”

2. Essie Nail Color – Borrowed & Blue

progressive onion chopper

Erica says: “This ‘borrowed and blue’ color from Essie practically screams ‘wedding day pedicure!'”

3. I Do Blue Rhinestone Shoe Stickers

progressive onion chopper

Nicole says: “For the bride who really wants nothing to do with blue on her wedding day — stickers for the bottoms of your shoes!”

4. RSVP Sadie Shoes

progressive onion chopper

Tracy says: “I love seeing a peek of color show when the bride walks down the aisle.”

5. White Gold Aquamarine Stud Earrings

progressive onion chopper

Sarah says: “I love the idea of some large yet simple stud earrings. And they definitely don’t have to be the real thing.”

See the rest of the “Something Blue” suggestions and be sure to join The Prowl to add your own ideas!

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