You know that old saying – high heels are a girl’s best friend? No? Of course not! Let’s face it, high heels are insane. You can’t have them on for too long without grimacing and, mix a particularly high-heeled pair with a sudden dip in the sidewalk, and you could easily find yourself face-first on the ground. But they’re just so pretty. Oh, how we LOVE them! We asked users at The Prowl to help us round up the most drop-dead gorgeous high-heeled shoes around and this is what they came up with. Price and comfort level is no object here. Hey, if you’re going to do it, do it right!

Makenna Open Toe Sandal

makenna sandal

An electric tangerine color plus zippers galore? These are definitely attention getters.

Jimmy Choo ‘Quiet’ Pump

Jimmy Choo 'Quiet' Pump

These pumps say a lot of things, but we’re thinking “Quiet” is not really one of them.

Dahlia Platform Sandals

Dahlia Platform Sandals

As with most things in life – the more glitter, the better.

Ceebert Platform Pumps

Ceebert Platform Pumps

Go on, we dare you. Just try to walk in these. Or maybe just stand around looking totally amazing. It’s safer for everyone that way.

Blonde Ambition ‘Roberta’ Pump

Blonde Ambition Roberta Pump

The platform on these will help make them a bit easier on your feet. They’re so pretty, it’s worth it anyway!

There’s plenty more where these came from. Check out our Drop Dead Gorgeous High Heels question at The Prowl. And join The Prowl to add your own!

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