Want to scare the neighbors and send the trick or treaters running in fear this year? <insert diabolical laugh> As the trend of decorating for Halloween grows in popularity, so do the selection of interior and exterior decorations to choose from. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite scream-worthy Halloween decorations recommended by The Prowl community.

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Bag of Bones

bag of bones halloween decoration

Ew. Ew. Ew! This 13-piece bag of bones is pretty much as “ew” as you can get.

Lifelike Scary Peeper

lifelike scary peeper halloween decoration

Keep a defibrillator on hand if you put this creepy peeper in the window at your Halloween party!

Bleeding Hand Candle

bleeding hand candle

This candle is cast from a real hand so you can see every life-like wrinkle in its detail. Oh, and if that’s not creepy enough — the wax on the inside is red, so it looks like it’s bleeding as it burns!

Menacing Mummy Window Panels

mummy window panel halloween

Window clings are really popular this year and this one is a goodie. You just trim the cling to fit your window and turn on your interior light to illuminate the design at night.

Vintage Doll Arms

vintage doll arms

This collection of vintage baby doll arms might just be the creepiest thing we’ve ever seen. Once sweet dolls are now the things of nightmares. Just try to unsee this!

For more creepy Halloween decor, see what else the community has prowled to our Super Scary Halloween question.

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