It’s time to lighten up, people. Especially when it comes to your home decor. Stop with the solemn pastoral paintings already! No more strangely serious modern art pieces. After all, if we can’t chill out at home, where can we chill?

The best way to lighten up the homestead is to add a little humor to your walls. That’s right. Just add chuckle-worthy artwork to your space, and it will instantly make things feel a little lighter, a little sweeter, and yes, a little happier.

Come, smile and giggle with us over on The Prowl. We’ve rounded up lots of funny wall art to inspire good-humored decorating style.


This I Need a Hoagie embroidery hoop art piece is fun for the kitchen or any place you need a dose of silly.

lego no

This funny I will never Lego! print is perfect for any household that’s full of wonderful unrelenting, suffocating love.

pee alone

Households with kids (or very needy dogs) can appreciate this We Just Want to Pee Alone wall art. LOL!

See more funny wall art and be sure to join The Prowl to add your clever favorites!

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