September 30, 2013

10 Lingerie Drawer Must-Haves

We’ve all stepped out of the house only to realize our bra strap is peeking out from our sleeveless blouse. Or even worse, our skirt is more sheer that we thought. Lingerie mishaps are annoying, but with the right undergarments and a few inexpensive tools, they can be avoided. The Stir style blogger, Lindsay Ferrier, knows all the tricks that will keep lingerie in its place. Lindsay joins us at The Prowl to share the top ten must-haves for every woman’s lingerie drawer.

1. Fashion Tape


Always have a container of double-sided fashion tape in your wardrobe. It’s great for securing bra straps, preventing wardrobe malfunctions in low-cut dresses, keeping scarves in place, and fixing fallen hems on the go. (Hollywood Fashion Tape, $8.27)

2. Comfortable Push-up


There’s nothing worse than saggy cleavage in a low-cut dress. This push-up bra from Calvin Klein is popular both for its comfort and its lift. (Calvin Klein Underwire Bra, $44)

3. Half Slip


If you don’t have a basic half slip, GIRL, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Slips come in all lengths, but this is a pretty universal length. Slips are invaluable for eliminating panty lines and keeping a dress from clinging to your bottom, especially if you’re wearing shapewear. (Farr West Half Slip, $29)

4. Safety Pins


A trick from a wardrobe stylist — if your bra straps are showing, safety pin them together in the back. Instant racerback bra! (Safety Pins, $5.53)

5. Self-Adhesive Nipple Covers


Silicone nipple covers are a must-have. Use them when you want to wear a bra with no padding. Even wear them at the gym under sport bras. They’re washable and long-lasting. (DIMRS Nipple Covers, $28)

Head over to The Prowl to see the rest of Lindsay’s picks under her board Lingerie Drawer Must-Haves. Make lingerie mishaps a thing of the past!

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