We all have one thing in common — we need to sleep. Not just sleep but goood sleep. Every night we put our heads on our pillows hoping we’ll get our full eight hours and that no one and nothing will stand in the way of those much-needed dreaming hours. Of course, there are no promises, but bedtime can still be our favorite time with the right pajamas, a super warm comforter, and a soothing cup of sleepytime tea. The Prowl team appreciates a good snooze, so we posted our list of nighttime must-haves over on The Prowl.

Statement Pajamas


This shirt says, “I’d rather be sleeping,” and isn’t that the truth?!

Feathered Down


Invest in your sleep with a plush down comforter. It’s a warm, comfy addition to your bed and you can easily change the look of the comforter with duvet covers.

Sleep-Inspired Wall Art


Place this empowering quote next to your bed for a little inspiration before you fall asleep and right after you wake.

Dream Journal


We’ve all had dreams that were too epic to forget. Keep a dream journal at your bedside so you can write down all of your mid-night adventures.

Soothing Herbal Tea


Always keep herbal tea on hand for those nights when you just can’t doze off.


Feeling sleepy? Well, wake up and check out the rest of The Good Sleep board on The Prowl!

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