Fall weather calls for a trendy lightweight coat — but who really wants to spend a ton of money on a coat that may only be worn for a couple of months? That’s why we’ve put together some of the most affordable and stylish coats for fall. We love the variety of shapes and styles being offered this season from cinched and tailored coats to casual jackets with relaxed fits. The only objective is to pick outerwear that is as fab as your outfit underneath!

Military-Style Canvas Anorak


Military coats have been in style for a few seasons now and they’re here to stay. This Old Navy Anorak ($54.94) is great for fall because it’s lightweight, but you have the option of buying the cold weather liner.

Double-Breasted Coat


How lovely is this Venus double-breasted coat ($79)? The hem is super girly, while the top is structured and form-fitting.

Zip Shell Jacket


Fall coats, like this soft shell jacket ($99.90) by Michael Kors, give you tons of style without all the weight of a practical winter jacket. This jacket is so contemporary with its A-symmetrical zipper, plus the belt cinches at the waist for a flattering fit.

Boucle Coat


This Forever 21 boucle coat ($52.80) is for those of you who are easily tempted to throw on a sweatshirt in the fall. This offers all the comfort of your favorite hoodie with ten times the style.

Vintage-Inspired Coat


If you love rocking the retro look, this wool-blend coat ($97.99) from ModCloth is a fun coat for fall. While everyone turns to darker colors as the season changes, you’ll stand out in a colorful coat.

Find even more affordable autumn outerwear on the Fall Coats Under $100 question on The Prowl!

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