Life is full of lessons, some eye opening, some mystifying, and some downright painful. What’s the deal, Life? Why so many lessons? Of course, we know why we have to learn so many lessons. Life lessons make us better human beings once we finally allow ourselves to get schooled. Sometimes, it takes a few go-’rounds, but once they stick, it feels oh so right.

So here’s the deal. We’re going to give a head start on several of life’s very best lessons. And we’re going to make it easy by delivering them to you on a T-shirt. That’s right. A T-shirt! Better a T-shirt, than a swift kick in the keister, right? Because that’s how Life usually delivers them. You can thank us later.

Perfection Is Overrated Tee

It’s true what this Perfection Is Overrated tee (Forever 21, $15.80) touts. How do we know? Because we’ve tried it and trying almost killed us. See? Almost dying in order to not even remotely achieve perfection = overrated.

Love Don’t Pay the Bills Tee

This is a tough, tough lesson. But this Love Don’t Pay the Bills tee (Shop Jeen, $40) speaks the truth. Think about it.

Just Right Direction Tee

Stevie Nicks told some of us this in 1977, but in 2013, you can learn it right here on this Just Right Direction Tee (ModCloth, $27.99). You don’t have to go his way, her way, or their way. Only your way.

Hakuna Matata Slouchy Pullover Sweatshirt

No one ever changed a darn thing by worrying. For reals. Worrying is useless waste time. There we said it. And so does this cute Hakuna Matata sweatshirt (Etsy, $36).

We have lots more life lessons via T-shirts for you to learn over on The Prowl. So put your learning caps on and head on over to shop them all today!

Join the conversation! 9 Comments

  1. Is there seven more?

    • click on the link

  2. The author should get a T shirt that says learn to count

  3. you have to click on the “life lessons via t-shirts” link in the last paragraph.

  4. My favorite T shirt that I ever saw, said “Fuck you, you fucking fuck”.

  5. my favorite tee shirt simply says “sissified”

  6. Geee, what a novel way to suck people into reading an ad……Not!

    The best T-shirt – EVER – had “You Don’t Know Me”; on the front… on the back, it had the seal of the U.S. Marshall’s Service and read, “U.S. Marshall’s Witness Protection Program”.

    Now, that’s funny.


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