Were you an 80s girl? Did you eat, sleep, and breathe for mix tapes, your bi-level haircut, and at least one of the guys in the Brat Pack. Did you dance around to Madonna, Prince, and Culture Club music on a huge boom box in your room? Dream of owning a Pretty in Pink Karmann Ghia. Fantasize about landing a guy with Sodapop’s looks and Steff’s money, who could also deliver a kiss like the one Keith landed on Watts?

Yeah, we know (and love) your type. That’s why we’ve put together a totally rad, must-have list for you to shop. Because the 80s didn’t end with the era. They’re an attitude and a feeling (what a feeling!) that will stay with us forever.

‘Maniac’ Sweatshirt Flashdance-inspired slouchy wideneck sweatshirts (Amazon, $21.65) are still super comfy, and slouchy is totally “in” this year. Now you just won’t have to explain to your mom why you took scissors to a perfectly good sweatshirt.

Boombox, Fer Sure What former 80s girl doesn’t miss her boombox? Now you can have a cool, purple bluetooth-ready boombox (Target, $169.99) for playing all your old school tunes.

Madonna’s Neon Pumps

Madonna rocked orange neon pumps like these Qupid Potion-01 Neon Pumps (Amazon, $29.90) in her “Borderline” video — with neon green socks, no less — and they’ve been brilliant ever since.

Stay Gold, Ponyboy No 80s girl will ever get over the heartbreak that was Johnny telling Ponyboy to ‘stay gold’ at the end of The Outsiders. Sob! Commemorate the sweet heart of Johnny Cade with this Stay Gold Ponyboy T-shirt (Etsy, $17.99).

Mix Tapes 4-Ever!

Long live the mix tape! Enjoy the nostalgia of the 80s decade when you put your iPhone in this Cassette iPhone 5 Case (Shopper Paradise, $17.98). For all 15 must-haves for 80s girls, come reminisce, celebrate, and shop the best era ever over on The Prowl.

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  1. Wow, Pretty impressive. #80’s Fan

  2. Wow in the 80’s I was working for Club Med In Europe I had bought cool clothes and when I came home nobody was wearing the fashions that I had bought in Paris. I was always ahead of my time!

  3. I loved the 80’s I was lucky enough to be a teenager then… I wanted to BE Molly Ringwald. I had posters of all the brat packers!! I still have my first copy of the outsiders. My clothes were bright and loud.. my hair was HUGE!! Great times!!

  4. I guess I wasn’t the typical 80s girl – I didn’t do any of these things, never saw the Brat Pack movies, never listened to music or mix tapes, and never saw Flashdash. Don’t get half the references in the first paragraph. Guess you can say I was always unique 🙂

  5. I still have my boombox and yes it still works, i still have all my cassettes and my original VHS of The Outsiders and yes I still have VCR to watch it on : )

  6. \m/ MEATALLICA \m/

  7. Lori sounds like a total bore

  8. I was a teenager in the 80’s…and yes! I did love my mix tapes, while dancing in my room to Prince on my ” totally awesome” boom box!! I cut up several sweat shirts trying to be cool like the chick on Flash Dance. Had “big” hair, and loved wearing my pink pumps with just about everything!! I wanted to marry Billy Idol, I just knew if he ever met me it would be love at first sight….Good Times…like, totally for sure!!!

  9. In Love with Hairstyles of the 80’s, the Best!!!

  10. There are only five things here.

    • Too relevant. Must ignore….

    • I would agree with you that the article’s title is misleading, but apparently you didn’t read the final sentence of the article…

      “For all 15 must-haves for 80s girls, come reminisce, celebrate, and shop the best era ever over on The Prowl.”

  11. It was all about the music…Disco Music! Happy people… with everyone dancing and all that great music that made you get up and dance!!! Even in the gym workouts!!! ” Y M C A”…. LOL

  12. I remember the 80’s I was listening to prince, B52’s, micheal Jackson, depeche mode,
    Jam master jay, Run Dmc, and of course MADDONNA! I was into Brake dancin and disco dancing I guess that’s what you call it and always wanted a pink hollywood hutch bike.
    I still have a pink sharp radio cassette player that I’m keeping till I die and it’s working!

  13. Madonna before she was a dull scrawny woman who lives in London called “Madge”. Prince in a purple metallic raincoat. Big hair of all kinds, chemically dependent hair, just over permed or for the double header both! Red clothes, lots of red clothes. Brat pack movies, obnoxious noisey boom boxes. Special times!


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