Give a woman the option of which piece of jewelry she wants to wear and chances are she’ll go for the piece with the most sparkle and shine. Something about the way the light reflects off a statement necklace makes any outfit that much more fabulous. Ever notice how you tend to talk with your hands more when you’re wearing a stunning ring or bracelet? Don’t worry, we do it too! Brilliant, sparkly jewels just beg for compliments — well-deserved compliments, of course! We’ve rounded up brightest bling that we can obsess over together.

Marquise Fray Pendant


Mixing your bling with loud color takes statement jewelry to the next level. This pendant (Bauble Bar, $36) is both colorful and sparkly and pretty hard to resist!

Mega Rhinestone Collar


The collar statement necklace (Topshop, $140) is now more popular than ever and it’s a great way to up the style of a casual outfit.

Cubic Zirconia and Sterling Silver Ring


Sometimes it’s the simplest bit of sparkle that wins over our heart. This cubic zirconia ring (Etsy, $108) is simple yet so pretty! Plus, it’s perfect for everyday wear.

Crystal Button Earrings


Something about these studs (J. Crew, $35) is reminiscent of peacock feathers. The deep blue is stunning and they’ll draw the best attention to your face.

Pearl and Rhinestone Bracelet


When it comes to stand-out jewelry, you can’t forget your wrists! If you’re not wearing too much bling up top, try out a chunky bracelet (Topshop, $60) covered in jewels!

Can’t get this sparkly jewelry out of your mind? Head over to The Prowl for even more stunning jewels!

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