As hard as we work to look amazing in our clothes, sometimes it’s easier for our clothes to do the work for us. The miracle-working illusion dress does just that. Illusion dresses are at the top of our favorite trends list because they’re designed to flatter your figure. As a result, they work for just about every body type. The key to these super-slimming dresses is colorblocking, which gives the appearance of an hourglass shape. It’s the perfect, go-to outfit for when you want to look your fittest and show off your figure. We’ve rounded up the sexiest illusion dresses that will have you looking your best.

Red Cut-Out Dress


This little black and red dress (Macy’s, $89.99) shows off your sassy side with studded shoulders and cutouts near the neckline.

Animal Print Sheath Dress


This animal print sheath dress (Ann Taylor, $129) is fun and flattering because of the just-right black colorblocking and belt that cinch at the waist.

Striped Cashmere Dress


You may have been told to stay away from horizontal stripes but not when they work to give you an awesome figure. The lines on this striped illusion dress (Bloomingdale’s, $345) are angled to make your waist look amazing!

Hourglass Sheath Dress


Everything about this hourglass-shaped dress (Ann Taylor, $109) works to show off your curves in the best way possible. The black lines curve and cross to give you the ultimate sexy figure.

Illusion Maxi Dress


This illusion-paneled maxi dress (Macy’s, $49.99) doesn’t overwhelm your shape with fabric, and the lighter colored inset sides do the body good. This time of year, pair this with a denim jacket and ankle boots.

Can’t wait to try out the illusion dress trend? Check out even more sexy illusion dresses over on The Prowl!

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  1. You’re trying to show a dress that “slims” a figure? Use a model with some meat on her! Otherwise you’re just making a stick figure look like a stick figure.

  2. […] Read more here: 16 Sexy Dresses That Slim & Sculpt Your Best Assets | The Prowl […]


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