Whether you’re serving up a signature drink or sticking to classic cocktails at your holiday gathering, you’ll need some bar tools to make sure everything is measured and mixed to perfection. There is a list of things that can go wrong with a drink: too strong, too weak, too sweet, watered down, etc. With the right gadgets and perhaps a recipe book, you can skip the drinks that make faces pucker. Your well-made cocktails will be the hit of the party!

Artisanal Cocktail Gift Set


If you’re new to mixing cocktails and want to start off with the basics, this gift set (Williams-Sonoma, $119) is perfect. Plus, it comes with a book that’s full of winter cocktail recipes.

The Bar10der 10-Piece Tool


The Bar10der (Fab.com, $29.99) is the Swiss Army Knife of cocktail tools. It comes with everything you need to open, slice, stir, and pour your way to a tasty drink.

Stainless-Steel Double-Sided Jigger


This double-sided jigger (Williams-Sonoma, $8.95) ensures that your cocktails have just the right amount of alcohol.

Whiskey Stones


Whiskey drinkers will appreciate these whiskey stones (Teroforma, $17.50), which cool down your drink without making it watery.

Mack Cocktail Shaker


The cocktail shaker (Pottery Barn, $25) is a must for any home bar. It’s as simple as shake and pour!

Are you thirsty for a cocktail yet? To find even more cocktail-making tools, head over to The Prowl.

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