Are you bored with techy tablet cases and looking for a bit more style? After all, our tablets go with us everywhere, so we should take their cases into serious consideration. The best tablet cases provide just as much style as they do protection for your most cherished gadget. Plus, switching it up with bright and colorful cases can make your tablet feel like new time and time again. Match your iPad case to your purse or even your outfit — we totally get it! So, we searched high and low for glam cases that may steal the show from your sleek and shiny iPad.

Mint Green Case


This pretty mint green iPad case (Etsy, $32.99) is soft cottony contrast to your tablet’s steely exterior. This case is perfect for those of you who prefer products made of natural materials.

Embossed Tablet Clutch


You probably have to love pink to love this bold iPad case (Marc Jacobs, $88). Either way, you can’t deny that the embossed crocodile print is fierce!

Leather Tablet Clutch


This sunny yellow iPad case (Coach, $124.60) is so bright, it’s practically glowing. You won’t have to worry about misplacing your tablet while it’s in this case — it’s kind of hard to miss.

Polka Dot Tablet Sleeve


We love this charming polka dot case with a gold zipper (Zappos Couture, $45) — and the glossy finish makes it so much cuter!

Tablet Purse


When you travel, conceal your iPad in this compact tablet purse (Marc Jacobs, $138). It looks just like a cross-body purse with incredible style.

You can obsess over even more fabulous iPad cases over on The Prowl!

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