If you’re hosting Thanksgiving for the first time, you’re probably being bombarded with advice on how to make the juiciest turkey and recreate your grandmother’s stuffing recipe. Though the pressure is on to host an awesome dinner, there’s no need to be traditional when you can lighten things up with chic (and possibly bizarre) Thanksgiving decor and appliances. So, we’ve rounded up Thanksgiving merchandise that is both fabulous and quirky. From a turkey carving knife fit for a royal chef to a nutcracker that will make you crack up, we have the goods you didn’t even know you needed — or wanted!

Party Apron


It’s your Thanksgiving dinner and you can wear an over-the-top, retro apron if you want to. You’ll be wearing your holiday best, so you’ll need a fabulous apron (Carolyn’s Kitchen, $56) to match!

Squirrel Nutcracker


Do your guests a favor and set out an easy-to-use nutcracker (Anthropologie, $18) if you plan on leaving out nuts as a pre-dinner snack. Plus, this squirrel nutcracker is borderline ridiculous, so it’ll be a funny addition to the dinner table.

Festive Garland


Don’t feel pressured to decorate your home with traditional turkey and pumpkin decor. Create your own Thanksgiving style with fun pieces like this gold geometric garland (Etsy, $15).

Linen Napkins


You may be a rookie host; however, you can show your guests you have the standards of a pro by setting out linen napkins (Anthropologie, $34). They’re a special touch for the holiday!

Golden Carving Knife


As a rookie host, you may have never had the honor of carving a Thanksgiving turkey. This year the job is all yours, so why not carve the turkey in style with a gold carving knife (Anthropologie, $78)?

If you want to stray from the same old Thanksgiving decor, head over to The Prowl to find more bizarrely chic Thanksgiving goods.

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