We’re counting down the days to Christmas, and soon enough, we’ll be ringing in the new year with a brand new 2014 calendar. Can you even believe it? Looks like we all have some serious calendar shopping to do!

Over at The Prowl, we rounded up festive Advent calendars to gear up the family for Christmas! There are so many cool, unique options, which offer an extra-special way for kids and their families to count down the days until Christmas — usually with a small token surprise for each of the 24 days. But don’t stop shopping there! We’ve also rounded up some of the best 2014 calendars to get you ready for the new year. Sure, we use calendars on our smartphones, but a decorative calendar will always have a place in our homes and offices.

Check out the preview of decorative calendars below. Then head over to The Prowl to see the rest!

Awesome Advent Calendars

Advent Box Calendar


Can’t wait until Christmas for the gifts to start rolling in? This cardboard Advent calendar (Etsy, $27) is a fun way to build up the Christmas Day suspense. Fill the cardboard boxes with notes, small candy, and trinkets for 24 days of surprises.

Telluride Natural Advent Calendar


Kids will love this monogrammed Christmas tree calendar (Pottery Barn Kids, $69) that has plenty of pockets that can be filled with small toys and candy for a daily treat.

Ciaté Mini Mani Advent Calendar


Advent calendars aren’t just for kids either! The Mini Mani Advent Calendar (Sephora, $58) is a nail polish lover’s dream. With a new color for each day leading up to Christmas, you’ll want to try them all!

Best 2014 Calendars

Travel America 2014 Calendar

cal5From New York to Hawaii, the Travel America calendar (Rifle Paper Co., $26) features gorgeous prints of America’s landmarks. A perfect gift for the traveler on your shopping list.

A Cat’s Life 2014 Calendar


Funny cat calendars (Urban Outfitters, $13.99) are nothing new, yet they never cease to make us smile.

Illustrated 2014 Calendar


This beautiful calendar on a custom oak hanger (One Canoe Two, $69) features amazing illustrations throughout. It’s a perfect and functional piece of art for the home or office.

Looking for more calendars to count down the days? Check out our 2014 calendar and Advent calendar round-ups at The Prowl!


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