It’s now way (WAY!) easier to find all the drool-worthy products, helpful questions, and amazing people on The Prowl!  When you search you’ll now see 4 links at the top of the page: Items, Questions, Boards, People: Just click on any of these links to switch to that type of result. Easy peasy, but crazy […]

We are crazy excited to introduce a truly fantastic improvement to our Prowl It bookmarklet. While it was great that you could prowl items from anywhere on the web directly onto your boards, answering other users’ questions wasn’t quite as easy. Well, guess what? Now it is! The Prowl It bookmarklet will now let you […]

One of our goals at The Prowl is to ensure that you never have to shop alone again. Don’t worry – you can still sit on your couch in your oldest yoga pants eating Ben & Jerry’s and watching Orange is the New Black while you shop, but we’d rather you didn’t do it alone […]

If you heard wild whooping across the internet yesterday, it’s because we were SO darn excited about the launch of the “Prowl It” button. Whoop whoop! (Somebody stop us!) We highly recommend you give the “Prowl It” button a try. You just drag the button into the toolbar of your browser to install it. Then […]