If you’re anything like us, you take your home state pride seriously — you love where you’re from and you’re not afraid to show it. And showing it, with a cool graphic tee, for instance, is the greatest part. When you search for state pride paraphernalia, you’ll find tons of items inspired by a state’s […]

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving for the first time, you’re probably being bombarded with advice on how to make the juiciest turkey and recreate your grandmother’s stuffing recipe. Though the pressure is on to host an awesome dinner, there’s no need to be traditional when you can lighten things up with chic (and possibly bizarre) Thanksgiving […]

As hard as we work to look amazing in our clothes, sometimes it’s easier for our clothes to do the work for us. The miracle-working illusion dress does just that. Illusion dresses are at the top of our favorite trends list because they’re designed to flatter your figure. As a result, they work for just about every […]

Are you bored with techy tablet cases and looking for a bit more style? After all, our tablets go with us everywhere, so we should take their cases into serious consideration. The best tablet cases provide just as much style as they do protection for your most cherished gadget. Plus, switching it up with bright […]

Whether you’re serving up a signature drink or sticking to classic cocktails at your holiday gathering, you’ll need some bar tools to make sure everything is measured and mixed to perfection. There is a list of things that can go wrong with a drink: too strong, too weak, too sweet, watered down, etc. With the […]

Who says Thanksgiving has to be sit-down formal with all the china set out around the table and whatnot? Certainly not us at The Prowl. Oh no, we’re all about getting fun and funky for the holidays. If you’re getting ready to host a Turkey Day feast, don’t even bother with that dusty old harvest […]

Whether you’re going away for a week or just for the weekend, there are some things your suitcase is not complete without. Items that help you pack more efficiently and survive hours spent in a car or plane are must-haves for smooth traveling. When we think of travel dilemmas, dying phones, leaking shampoo bottles, and […]

Give a woman the option of which piece of jewelry she wants to wear and chances are she’ll go for the piece with the most sparkle and shine. Something about the way the light reflects off a statement necklace makes any outfit that much more fabulous. Ever notice how you tend to talk with your […]

When your dog is a member of the family, there’s no end to ways in which he can be doted upon. While some dogs are dressed in adorable outfits and toted around in fabulous doggie carriers, truly pampered dogs get to snooze in luxury dog beds. In fact, some of these dog beds are so glamorous, it’s hard to […]

We don’t think we’re alone when we say that the headphones and earbuds that come with our favorite gadgets aren’t the most stylish (or comfortable). However, in the age of Beats by Dr. Dre, wearing a colorful pair of headphones is a fashion “do.” If you’re in the market for headphones, consider going for a […]